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Madama Butterfly and the Toy Theaters of Siena: The Davis Theater, Pt. 2

The illustration is of unknown origin. I have borrowed it from The Museum of Everyday Things website, an adventure not unrelated to toy theaters, and worth exploring.                       museumofeverydaylife.org             The … Continue reading

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The Bear and the Secret Room

The third house we completed in 1979 we called the Bear River (there are a lot of rivers in our neck of the woods, but this is one we had an up-close and personal with–blackberrying one summer’s evening on a … Continue reading

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When What’s Old Was New

Number 20, our second house of 1979, was a project of another sort—the customers specifically asked for less aging. At the time, the idea of aged miniatures was still new. The buyers wanted to display the house in their miniature … Continue reading

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On the Trail of The Astorian

For better and worse, over the years our houses have begun to wander. One of the happy stories is of The Astorian, which got off to a rocky start, found a good home for 30 years, and now resides at … Continue reading

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In Memorium: Sarah Salisbury

With the passing of Sarah Salisbury on April 6, the community of miniaturists lost a great friend, connoisseur and generous benefactor. She was passionate about miniatures and their makers, and had an eye for the best. Sarah was there at … Continue reading

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It’s Showtime!

Miniature shows are a whole world unto themselves, at times circus-like. Sometimes they’re the miniaturist’s version of a rock concert–imagine 11 yr. olds lining up for a chance to see Justin Beiber, and you get the picture. There may be … Continue reading

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