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Bringing in the Necessary

It was the details we loved, the furnishings and fine-tunings of the individual houses. The bathroom was one of the great rooms for exploration of style—from the get go, people chose their appliances to show off their wealth and sophistication. … Continue reading

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Looking for a Farmhouse

A quick post to say someone is looking to buy one of our Farmhouse kits. If you have one you’d like to sell, send me an email and I’ll put you in touch with the buyer.

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Blackberry Wine & Elmer’s

The summer of 1976 we ran like hamsters on the Seaview-to-October-Miniatures-Show wheel (mini-historians: was the NAME California regional show that year in San Diego? Santa Rosa?). A 6-pack of Coors cost $1.36, a price Noel groused about so much my … Continue reading

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The Large and Small of It

The year we built The Seaview, 1976, was also the Bicentennial year, when a nice “older” couple (probably younger than Noel and I are now) in Oysterville, WA, at the north end of our peninsula, befriended us. They had us … Continue reading

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Fish Tales, Perry Mason & Bug Juice–the Summer of ’76

The summer of 1976 saw the Seaview walls rise, rooms begin to take shape. To pay the rent, Noel baited hooks for a charter boat skipper. I still had my noontime radio program, and tried to grow corn in a … Continue reading

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