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String Too Short to Be Saved: Building the Maine Idyll Bathroom from Salvage

What Noel began in 1974 as an odds and ends drawer in the studio overflowed to engulf an entire wall of shelves, and most of the surrounding drawer, floor and wall space. Found bits like Ronson lighter springs, trout fishing … Continue reading

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You Have to Stop Somewhere…the Greene & Greene, Pt. III

The final months of the Greene & Greene were reminiscent of preparations for a large family wedding. Deadlines were set and broken as “final” alterations compounded and time calculations protracted. Lists of furnishings and exterior details were trimmed at breakfast, … Continue reading

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Bringing in the Necessary

It was the details we loved, the furnishings and fine-tunings of the individual houses. The bathroom was one of the great rooms for exploration of style—from the get go, people chose their appliances to show off their wealth and sophistication. … Continue reading

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