Please visit our web page, where you will find more about us, how to buy Bug Juice, what else we have for sale, and information on our aging and building techniques. www.thomasopenhouse.com

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  1. marijke hurkens says:

    We have a vial of Mt. St. Helen’s ash; our son who is now a PhD sedimentologist at the time wanted to visit the site, so we “dropped by” two years later from our coast-to-coast trip in the VW camper van. He treasured that bottle of ash. Did you know that the ash made it to the east coast? About two-three days after the eruption, we woke up to find everything in our area under a light coating of very obvious volcanic ash – and we live 1 hr 45 mins northwest of Calais, ME. Just thought I’d share that little nugget of info with you! Oh, the power of the wind….
    Marijke in Fredericton, NB, Canada

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