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Back to the Drawing Board

Leaving the N.A.M.E. National miniatures show in July of ’76 was one man probably more deflated than we—the man hoping to sell the house he had built in his garage. It was too big to fit through the exhibit hall … Continue reading

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Driving Blindly into the Future

All the President’s Men was the only movie I remember seeing in 1976. Gas prices were high, and we didn’t have a lot of spare change. Going to the movies meant a ½ hour drive across the river, plus a … Continue reading

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“Hi, Mom, we’re getting married!”

I was a terrible daughter. After college I  put a whole continent between myself, my parents and my childhood. Eight years later my biological clock (or was it my mother?) was urging me to get married and have children, in … Continue reading

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Life on the Edge

When Noel returned from San Francisco without money or new orders, there was no lack of work to do to keep us afloat. When we weren’t building dollhouses or working our day jobs, we were learning to hunt, gather, barter … Continue reading

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A Wing and a Prayer

In 1974, while Noel was helping the local doctor build his dream boat, and I was counting bolts at the hardware store, we somehow managed to produce four dollhouses. We were working fools, eating clams we dug on the nearby … Continue reading

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Where It All Began

In 1974, the OPEC embargo/oil crisis seemed as good a reason as any for Noel and me to pack up, leave the city (Los Angeles) and our jobs in advertising (Noel’s as art director, mine as copywriter), and head to … Continue reading

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