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The Midnight Factor: Faces of the Moon Part II

It was early 1992, or thereabouts, when we began to cut wood for Faces of the Moon. For background entertainment we had the end of the Bush-Quayle era (marked by a widely-televised diplomatic dinner where Bush vomited and passed out … Continue reading

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The Pipe Dream of Miniatures

For us, the appeal of the 20th St. Emporium commission was the idea of a shop with an apartment above, combining the bustle of public space with the private, domestic life upstairs. Miniatures are never simply about the objects or … Continue reading

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The Bear and the Secret Room

The third house we completed in 1979 we called the Bear River (there are a lot of rivers in our neck of the woods, but this is one we had an up-close and personal with–blackberrying one summer’s evening on a … Continue reading

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Further Dirt on Basements

First of all, pardon the italics below—some WordPress code gremlin has entered the blog which will take me some time to figure out… Backstepping a bit to last week’s post, titled For the Love of Basements, where I included not … Continue reading

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For the Love of Basements

Moving a dollhouse is a dicey undertaking. These cumbersome and unbalanced objects have a way of expanding incrementally and secretly during construction. While we learned early on to design a house narrower than our 28” studio doorway, we didn’t always … Continue reading

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