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The Airplane Cafe: Lunch on the Road

In the late and frivolous 1920s, Americans loved flying aces, motion pictures, and automobiles. America was motion crazy. We idolized the daring breed of ex-fighter pilots who flew the U.S. Mail Service by the seat of their pants. On the … Continue reading

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Signs of the Past: Pine Lake Park Lunch

1987 saw me running a little faster than time. That year my sister and I threw a 50th wedding anniversary party for our parents, across country in Massachusetts. It wasn’t until the invitations went out that an aunt noted that … Continue reading

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Learning Aloha: Tradewinds Fruit & Veggies

About a year into our work on the Greene & Greene house we had to take care of some other assignments for our teaching schedule. The first was a project for the NAME 1987 cruise around the Hawaiian Islands. The … Continue reading

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Minis, Knitting, Rocket Science–When It’s Over, It’s Over, But Then It’s Never Really Over

“I can’t believe you were actually able to part with (the Greene & Greene house) after all that.  Do you ever go to Tucson to visit it?”– Question from Kathleen after my last entry. Thanks, Kathleen, that’s one of those big … Continue reading

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You Have to Stop Somewhere…the Greene & Greene, Pt. III

The final months of the Greene & Greene were reminiscent of preparations for a large family wedding. Deadlines were set and broken as “final” alterations compounded and time calculations protracted. Lists of furnishings and exterior details were trimmed at breakfast, … Continue reading

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The Godzilla Factor: The Greene & Greene, Part II

The Godzilla Factor developed as a further aspect of the miniature Greene & Greene/Gamble House interpretation saga—the monster/s (reincarnated as the architect/designers Charles & Henry Greene) that held us in their thrall, nibbling away at our sleep, our lives, our very … Continue reading

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Back Issues of Nutshell News

On a Google search I found this site (see below) advertising backs issues of Nutshell News, including the those containing my three articles on The Greene & Greene house–Jan, Feb. and March 1990. They include a lot of detailed how-to … Continue reading

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A Love Affair and a Ghost Story–the Greene & Greene, Part I

That October day in 1983, the warmth of the “ultimate bungalow” coaxed us through the doorway like an old friend. Muted light radiated through the stained glass entry doors, reflecting off the oak floors, lustrous teak and mahogany walls, tiled … Continue reading

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A Tale of Twin Kitchens—Souwester and Shelburne

To round out 1986, we completed two house fragments–the Shelburne and Shoalwater Kitchens, named after two Seaview, WA inns.  These were smaller pieces than usual, but labor intensive—the women commissioning these projects were our two best and most supportive customers. … Continue reading

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The Beach Cottage–“Cuter than a bug!”

The Beach Cottage, 1986 As I pack up the Beach Cottage and the Garden Shed prototypes to send to their new owners, I’m feeling the tug of those days when we first built them. They are teaching samples for our … Continue reading

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