Back Issues of Nutshell News

On a Google search I found this site (see below) advertising backs issues of Nutshell News, including the those containing my three articles on The Greene & Greene house–Jan, Feb. and March 1990. They include a lot of detailed how-to on the various phases of the project. I don’t know if they’re still available, but they’re being offered at the original low price. If you’re interested, it’s worth checking out.

About smallhousepress

In 1974, my husband Noel and I began building aged miniature houses for collectors and museums. We were 70's dropouts. We quit our careers in advertising--art director and writer, respectively--and escaped Los Angeles in a VW camper and a Bug for a simpler life on the coast of Washington State. From a tiny studio in our home, we built 64 houses and buildings. Our specialty was aging--making a structure that reflected the scars and wrinkles of time, the elements, and human habitation. In the 80s we began teaching our techniques in workshops around the country, and I began to write our how-to's in Nutshell News and Miniature Collector. In 2000 we migrated across the Columbia to Astoria, OR, where , in 2011, we retired from miniatures. We are Fellows of the International Guild of Miniature Artisans and taught at their annual school in Castine, ME. By avocation I am a writer and poet. The blog is my way of working back into a writing routine, as well as recording what we did, and what we learned along the way.
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11 Responses to Back Issues of Nutshell News

  1. Judy Keefe says:

    Thank you for letting us know. I think I have them but it’s worth checking. I’ve always enjoyed your articles and loved both of your work. Thanks for continuing to write. I always wanted to take a class but due to my Lupus my hands are bad now but my eyes can enjoy.

  2. Bev Greenwell says:

    Thanks for the detective work, Pat. I have most old Nutshell News Issues with articles you’ve written but am still shy the complete set. Can’t wait to check their list against mine. In addition to your great articles, those old magazines are a treasure trove of ideas and instruction that are still
    pertinent to today’s miniaturist. Thanks again for sharing!

  3. robert says:

    I have found a collection of back issues of Nutshell News and will be willing to donate the issues. If this is of interest to anyone please contact me.

    • Thanks, Robert, I’ll pass along the news.

    • Connie scoftt says:

      Yes yes yes!! I would treasure these issues if they are still available.

      • Connie, you will need to contact the sources yourself. I have no idea what’s still available. Also, see Rogers message below, and contact him directly about any issues he may still have. And, you can also do a Google search-more may be available since this post was written. Good luck!

      • Glen Freeman says:

        I have a large collection of my mother’s and would be willing to part with it. Please, let me know if anyone has an interest.

      • says:

        yes i would be very interested in your mothers back issues of Nutshell News…just give me the particulars. Are you giving them away or selling them? Just let me know please. I’m a newbie at this but am totally fascinated by the miniatures.  I am an artist…painter and sculptor…and have LOTS of patience.

  4. Glen Freeman says:

    My mother subscibed to your magazine and built a large doll house which may have come from your company. I have it and some of your back issues. I’m researching her doll making adventures and will write her biography. Thanks your being a part of her life.

  5. Connie scoftt says:

    Hi Glen , I would be very interested in your mothers magazines….please let me know the particulars on them. I’m an artist…painter…sculptor…jack of all trades. I’m new to miniatures…and totally fascinated by all of it.

  6. John says:

    If anyone is interested I have over 200 back issues of Nutshell News for sale. I also have back issues of Miniature Gazette, Dollhouse Miniatures, Miniature Collector, Dolls House & Miniature Scene, The Scale Cabinetmaker, and Fine Scale Modeler for sale.

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